Ethmar construction and building company

Ethmar Construction and Contracting Company is a
national firm established in 2009 under the name of
Thamer Salman Suleim AI-Saadi Contracting
Establishment. In 2020, the company transformed into
a joint-stock company. Since its inception, the
company has specialized in a diverse range of
contracting activities, including building construction,
road and tunnel construction, bridges, landscaping,
site organization, electrical and mechanical works, and
other general contracting services.
We have successfully executed numerous projects in
collaboration with government ministries and
authorities. Throughout our professional journey, we
always stand ready to undertake and complete
projects to the highest standards, ensuring precision,
quality, and on-time delivery. Our integrated team
comprises qualified engineers, supervisors, technicians,
experts, skilled laborers, and administrative personnel.
Our company’s ambition is to enhance performance
efficiency and contribute to the growth of the
contracting sector while promoting construction and
development operations.

شركة اثمار البناء و التشييد للمقاولات - ethmar construction and building company

Our Vision

To become the leading and distinguished company in the contracting sector, by providing high-quality services and excellence in all aspects of our work. We aim to be a key contributor to the development and progress of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, proudly contributing to the realization of Vision 2030.

شركة اثمار البناء و التشييد للمقاولات - ethmar construction and building company

Our mission

At Ethmar Construction and Contracting, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of quality and professionalism in all our projects. We strive for leadership and excellence in the contracting sector by offering superior and innovative services, achieved through employing the most qualified talents and utilizing the latest technologies. We believe in the importance of social and environmental responsibility and seek to build strong partnerships with clients and collaborators to achieve sustainable success in alignment with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030. Additionally, we aspire to present a pioneering model for national companies to support the journey of construction and development, adhering to the highest standards to enhance and increase local content.

شركة اثمار البناء و التشييد للمقاولات - ethmar construction and building company

Our Goals

We aspire to actively contribute to the construction
and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in
line with the Vision 2030. This is achieved through
establishing a creative environment that fosters
exceptional capabilities and high-quality specialized
expertise. We are committed to supporting and
enhancing national experiences, and we continually
encourage the promotion of the job market with the
required local talents and skills.

Chairman of the Board’s word

The strategic vision has been carefully crafted for us to become pioneers in the field of contracting, where, God willing, we meet the aspirations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its Vision for 2030. We have noticed that our continued success is primarily due to the grace of God Almighty, then to the joint efforts of all those who work with us in various activities of our company, and their shared sense of responsibility. This success has been further enhanced by strong strategic relationships built on honesty, loyalty, and high professionalism in executing our projects. We have particularly focused on the development and training of key national talents, enabling them to take on responsibilities in our field of work. We take pride in localizing high levels of employment and continually strive to increase this ratio to support our economy and enhance our nation as a whole. We are committed to directing our energies and efforts in all areas that serve the economic and social communities to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030.

شركة اثمار البناء و التشييد للمقاولات - ethmar construction and building company

Integration Between Quality Management, Manpower, Manpower, And The Company’s Professional Foundation


Our company boasts a vast team of exceptional talents and experiences, including managers, engineers, technicians, and highly qualified laborers. We place great importance on the comfort and safety of our employees and consistently ad here to occupational health and safety procedures across all our sites. They are considered the core of our success and prosperity. Therefore, all company employees enjoy a comfortable and safe working environment, complete with appropriate benefits and rights, including housing, healthcare, transportation, and other services. We are continually working on enhancing the skills and competencies of our team through training and development opportunities tailored to each individual’s specialization.

Health safety and environment

  1. At ETH MAR, we provide frequent training to all employees that relate to emotional, physical, and mental well-being.
  2. Furthermore, on-site measures like protective
    equipment, regular inspections, identifying & eliminating unsafe working conditions and practices facilitate a safe workplace for our workforce.
  3. Our ongoing training on safety procedures, personal conduct, safety discipline,accident reporting, persona I protection, attention to tools & equipment, and first a id best practices help us to maintain a professional and safe working environment.
  4. At ETH MAR, workplace safety is obligatory, and providing the right conditions and procedures for our workers will always be an essential aspect of our company culture.
  5. That’s why we strive to further develop, improve and refine the working conditions of our workers and make the personal safety of every employee our primary concern.
  6. Over the years, ETH MAR has established itself as a role-model for the safe operation of job sites and is known as a reliable and trustworthy construction company by benchmark setters for the construction industry.

Quality Statement

  1. According to our promise of excellence, ETH MAR always performs at peak levels to
    ensure that we meet all quality standards set by our clients. For us, our work’s
    quality has to speak for itself and show in all matters of construction, fabrication,
    materials procurement, and finishing that we prove do for our clients.
  2. We are committed to providing only the highest quality projects, products, and
    services to our clients and stakeholders by adhering to our Integrated Management
    System (I MS).
  3. With our quality control program (construction phase), we make sure that all
    construction activities are performed in complete conformance with the
    construction requirements and cater to all applicable standards, specifications, and
    technical requirements of the project.
  4. Our delegated quality control managers are directly responsible for ensuring that all clients and project requirements are strictly adhered to.
  5. Quality management
    procedure is binding and followed without deviation by all ETH MAR employees and
    our subcontractors.

Group Activities

Design and engineering

Construction And Building



Logistics Services



Ahmed Abdullah AI-Hujailan

Deputy Chairman

Thamer Salman AI-Saadi
Chairman of Board of Directors

Saif Salman AI-Saadi
General Director