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Ithmar Al-Tashyeed Wal-Binaa Construction Company

Our Vision and Mission


Ithmar Al-Tashyeed Wal-Binaa Construction Company aspires to be a leader in the field of constructions locally and internationally. We aim to create exceptional projects that meet the needs and aspirations of our clients and contribute to sustainable development.


Our mission is to provide high-quality contracting services, with a commitment to precision and innovation, to build a future that reflects engineering and technological aspirations.

Services and Projects


1. Building Construction

We offer specialized building construction services to meet the needs of our clients through an outstanding and efficient engineering team.

2. Garden Landscaping

We are committed to transforming green spaces into beautiful and functional areas through expert garden landscaping.

3. Electrical and Mechanical Works

We provide effective and sustainable solutions in the field of electrical and mechanical works.


1. Roads and Bridges Project

We have successfully executed projects involving roads and bridges that enhance communication and contribute to infrastructure development.

2. Tunnel Project

Providing innovative engineering solutions for tunnel projects, with a focus on safety and efficiency.

Links and Video


You can visit our official website for more details about our services and projects.

Introductory Video

You can watch an introductory video about our company through this link on our YouTube channel.


1. General Contracting

We specialize in providing high-quality and efficient general contracting services.

2. Project Development

We aim to develop projects with a spirit of innovation and modern technology.

Vision for the Future

Our future vision focuses on:

  • Technological Innovation: We strive to apply the latest technologies in all our projects.
  • Sustainability: We are committed to implementing our projects in environmentally friendly and sustainable ways in the long term.
  • Excellence: We aim to always be at the forefront in the field of constructions by achieving excellence in quality and performance.


Setting our goals is among our top priorities:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: We always seek to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.
  2. Skill Development: We invest in developing the skills of our team to maintain a high level of professionalism.
  3. Continuous Innovation: We strive to improve our operations and innovate new engineering solutions.


At Ithmar Al-Tashyeed Wal-Binaa Construction Company, we reflect our uniqueness in the world of constructions through quality and excellence. You can find more details and explore our projects by visiting our official website.