Mechanical works

The mechanical works include: heating and
ventilation systems, which encompass air
conditioning, drainage networks, and fire
suppression systems.

Electrical Works

This includes electrical installations and fixtures,
and all that is necessary to supply electricity for
consumption, including installations related to
high voltage.

infrastructure works

We design and implement basic and technical
infrastructure systems with the highest
standards of quality and efficiency to support the
development of projects for different reg ions.

Garden and Park Construction

We specialize in creating and developing parks
and parks, combining creativity and good
planning to create exceptional green

Bridges and Tunnels

Plan and implement the infrastructure of bridges
and tunnels strictly according to safety and
quality standards. In addition, we offer innovative
solutions to improve infrastructure.

Construction works

Providing comprehensive construction and
contracting services in various disciplines,
building and implementing various projects
according to the highest quality standards.


This includes excavation works for foundations in
all forms, including basements, as well as
excavation works for channels and various utility
service conduits.

Road construction

We specialize in providing comprehensive
solutions for road construction and development,
with an emphasis on innovation, maximum
efficiency and sustainability.